Top 10 Unknown Facts About Langar At Golden Temple

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Top 10 Unknown Facts About Langar At Golden Temple
Posted Date: 20/10/2021 16:37:44 Posted By: Sikh Tours

Aside from the most amazing Religion tourism in India Golden Temple, one thing that fulfils the guests is the Langar at the Golden Temple, otherwise called Guru ka Langar, a free supper in the assemblage lobby served in Gurdwara. The Golden Temple is known to have one of the biggest local area kitchens on the planet, helping many individuals day by day.

Due to the preaching of Sikhism, the Gurdwara has entry gates from all sides, which means that everyone is welcome to visit it, regardless of caste, colour, creed, religion, or gender. There is no reason for segregation for anybody, and everybody is dealt with similarly. The Golden Temple Langar, which is always a delicious and filling meal, is served at any time of the day. The service is largely provided by volunteers who do this of their own free will as part of Sewa, keeping the kitchen and service running 24 hours a day. They help cut the vegetables, prepare the meals, Rotis, sometimes desserts, and even serve the entire crowd.To pay your devotion here you can book the Golden temple tour package.

The Importance of the Langar to Sikhism

Bhai Desa Singh, in his Rehatnama, says: "A Sikh who is 'wealthy' should care for the requirements of his helpless neighbours. He should serve him devotedly at whatever point he meets a voyager or a pioneer from an unfamiliar land.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh donated jagirs to the Gurdwaras to maintain the Langar. Other Sikh rulers also created similar grants. Today, there is Langar in virtually every gurudwara, supported by the entire community. In smaller gurudwaras, the Langar may also consist of cooked food supplied by various households. In any case, no pilgrim or visitor will miss eating at mealtime in a gurudwara. Eating together in a Pangat is an act of piety for a Sikh. The same goes for participating in cooking or serving food in the Langar and cleaning the utensils used. The Sikh ideal of charity is essentially a social concept. A Sikh is religiously obliged to donate one-tenth of his income (Daswand) for the community's welfare. He must also contribute the service of his hands whenever he can, service to Langar being the most respected. To get the live experience of Langar book your Punjab tour packages now.

The largest communal kitchen in the world

Normally all the meals of the Langar at the Golden Temple are prepared by hand. Still, the Gurdwara has an automatic roti machine with a capacity of 25,000 rotis per hour, which is used only during extreme rush hours. On a typical day, more than 50,000-60,000 individuals eat at the Golden Temple Langar, and during strict get-togethers, the number can go up to 100,000. This makes the scale on which the entire system operates grand and impressive. Golden temple Amritsar tour ensures that you will visit this place and explore the history. 

Since so many people are served every day, the Gurdwara procures the raw materials in large quantities through donations of money or goods received. One would be amazed to see the vessels used for preparing meals, large enough to hold several quintals. On average, more than 100 quintals of wheat flour, 25 quintals of cereals, ten quintals of rice, 5000 Ltr of milk, ten quintals of sugar, five quintals of pure ghee are consumed daily. Nearly 100 LPG gas cylinders are used for preparing meals. Hundreds of employees and devotees render their services in the kitchen.

Langar Hall at the Golden Temple

The Golden Temple has 2 congregational halls where everyone is supposed to sit on the floor and eat the Langar. While the dal (lentils) is served on a plate, one needs to lift their hands to take the roti (bread) with legalism and appreciation. Once the volunteers have distributed the food to all present in the hall, one of the volunteers shouts, "Jo Bole So Nihal," which means " Whoever speaks, let him be happy," to which the crowd responds with "Sat Sri Akal," which means " True is the name of God," and then the group begins to eat. You can book your customized Golden temple package to explore this divine place.

People usually ask “Is the golden temple Amritsar open now?” Well, the answer is “Yes”. Golden Temple is open for all the devotees.

Interesting facts about Golden Temple Langar 

1. The Langar at Golden Temple is not only the largest free communal kitchen in the world but has many other benefits, such as:

2. Golden Temple Langar is served to everyone irrespective of caste, color, creed, or gender.

3. It is said that more than 50,000-60,000 individuals eat at the Golden Temple Langar on a typical day, and during strict get-togethers, the number can go up to 100,000.

4. The suppers are basic and veggie-lover, with a typical serving of pickles, rotis (bread), dal (lentils), and kheer (rice pudding).

5. It takes many workers to provide food to the people who come in large numbers. The Golden Temple has about 300 seamstresses in-house and hundreds of volunteers who take care of preparing and serving the food and clean the utensils and the place after each round.

6. The highest standards of hygiene are maintained in cleaning the utensils and vessels. The utensils are washed several times so that they are clean.

7. volunteers work for a few hours, and some stay up for days to do the Seva.

8. On normal days, the food and Rotis are prepared by hand by the volunteers. However, on special days, the roti maker donated by a supporter from Lebanon is used, which can make up to 25,000 Rotis in just one hour.

9. Because so many people are served each day, the raw material for the Golden Temple Langar is purchased in large quantities through monetary or in-kind donations.

10. One would be amazed to see the vessels in which the meals are prepared, large enough to hold several quintals.

Given the scale of the operation, hundreds of gas cylinders are used during the day, and huge quantities of raw materials are consumed daily. Preparing the Langar in the sweltering heat of the kitchen, serving the endless meals to the visitors, and clearing the plates is done by the volunteers without any strain or wrinkles on their foreheads, which can be seen from their smiling, pious and satisfied faces. In keeping with Sikhism, which emphasizes the importance of Seva or service, the Golden Temple Langar is a good example of purifying one's inner self and putting down roots. To get the experience at Golden Temple, you can book Golden Temple Tour Packages only at Sikh Tours. Sikh Tours is the Best Tour And Travel company in India.