How to Register for Hemkund Sahib Yatra Tour Packages in 2023?

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How to Register for Hemkund Sahib Yatra Tour Packages in 2023?
Posted Date: 09/03/2023 Posted By: Sikh Tours

The Hemkund Sahib also known as Hemkunt Sahib is the most religious place in sikhism. The gurdwara is well known among many pilgrims around the world as the tourists come to see the astonishing architecture of the gurdwara. To explore such a blissful place, you need to first go for Hemkund Sahib Yatra Registration. For that, you can find the registration process, trekking route, essential things and types of packages in this blog. 

Though the gurdwara reflects the pride of Sikhism, the word “Hemkund” is derived from the Sanskrit word in which “Hem” means Snow and “Kund” means “Bowl”. Every year in the month of May the trekking to Hemkund Sahib starts as the rest of the months are difficult for trekking because of the heavy snowfall. The gurdwara is situated in Chamoli, Uttarakhand, and is truly devoted to the 10th Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. As people here think that Guru Sahib once came here and meditated for ten years near Hemkund Lake (Lake of Snow) which is embellished with seven magnificent peaks ranging about 15,200 feet. 

The yatra is about 9 km from Govindghat which is very challenging for pilgrims, but a full determination and exceptional views such as mountains, forests, etc. on the way makes this journey more beautiful.

Architecture of Gurdwara Shri Hemkund Sahib

The structure of the gurdwara in itself never ceases to amaze every visitor. The gurdwara was built by Major General Harkirat Singh who designs the gurdwara concerning the climate changes. The gurdwara is situated within Hemkund Lake which is surrounded by the seven hill peaks and each peak is adorned by Nishan Sahib on the cliff. The gurdwara is located at the height of 4160 metres. 

Trekking Route to Hemkund Sahib

The yatra of Hemkund Sahib is one of those yatras which is difficult in actuality to accomplish, but a full determination of pilgrims and tourists towards the Waheguru make their trip successful and blissful. The trek route is about of 20 km is divided into two categories first is Govindghat to Ghangaria and the second one is Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib, which is explained below:

  • Your yatra to Hemkund Sahib starts from Govindghat. 

  • The first 8-9 km of trekking is easy, but after that the 9-14 km of trekking is a bit difficult as the altitude starts to rise. 

  • You will find other gurdwaras, small restaurants and dhabas to enjoy a quick snack with tea.

  • After that, the trekking will start again on the right bank of the Laxman Ganga which continues to the long bridge. 

  • After this, there is a point which intersects Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib.

  • The trek continues which becomes difficult due to less oxygen and atmospheric pressure at 15000 ft. So, it is recommended to take small steps or breaks and not to hurry to go there early. 

Other Variety of Packages for Hemkund Sahib Tour

  • 7 Nights, 8 Days For Hemkund Haridwar Tour Packages:

The Route will be:

Delhi - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Joshimath - GovindGhat - Govind Dham - Hemkund Sahib - Ghangaria - Valley of Flowers - Gurdwara Shri Paonta Sahib 

  • 8 Nights, 9 Days For Hemkund Amritsar Tour Packages:

The Route will be:

Amritsar - Rishikesh - Joshimath - GovindGhat - Govind Dham - Ghangaria - Hemkund Sahib - Haridwar

  • 8 Nights, 9 Days For Hemkund Rishikesh Tour Packages: 

The Route will be:

Delhi - Rishikesh - Joshimath - GovindGhat - GovindDham - Hemkund Sahib - Ghangaria - Valley of Flowers

Thus, these are the tour packages you can get from the best tour and travel company in India.

Different Modes of Transportation

  • By Air: The nearest airport from Hemkund Sahib is Jolly Grant. The airport is situated in Dehradun which is near GovindGhat where taxis or cabs are easily available. 

  • By Train: You can find the nearest railway station to Hemkund Sahib is Rishikesh which is situated about 273 km from GovindGhat.

  • By Road: You can opt for another option to Hemkund Sahib by road. Car, Bus, Van can be the best options to travel to Hemkund Sahib as it is situated on Rishikesh - Badrinath national highway. 

Registration for Hemkund Sahib Yatra: 

Since you all got the information about Hemkund Sahib. Now, you are thinking about how to register for the Hemkund Sahib Trip. Do not worry, you just need to following the below-given steps: 

Step 1 - Visit the official Registration Tourist Care Uttarakhand Government website, link registrationandtouristcare.uk.gov.in

Step 2 - Click on the Login/Registration button on the upper right corner. 

Step 3 - The registration window will be open where you need to fill the following details:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Select out an option from Tour Operator, Individual or Family
  • Set a Password

Step 4 - You will get OTP for verification and as soon as you are verified, you will be logged in with your given details (Name, Age, Email, Address, Passport size photos).

Step 5 -  Then click on the “Manage/Create Tour info” option and add a new tour.

Step 6 - Choose any language as you require. 

Step 7 - Click on the button “Tour Type” which consists:

  • Religious
  • Adventure
  • Eco
  • Wildlife
  • Conference/Exhibition
  • Others

Step 8 - Add “Tour Name”

Step 9 - Add your “Tour Duration” (Arrival to Departure) 

Step 10 - Add “Number of Tourists”

Step 11 - Choose your desired “Mode of Transportation”

Step 12 - Add your specific Destination and Tour Date. 

Step 13 - Click on Save option and your tour will be created.

Step 14 - After that, add pilgrims in your created tour and fill out their registration forms with credentials. 

Step 15 - After filling out all the details of each pilgrim, submit the form. 

How to Download E Pass through the Website or Mobile Application?

The official website of Registration Tourist Care Uttarakhand Government is now available as a mobile app where you can download your E Pass after filling out the registration form with details of your and the pilgrims. After filling the registration form, you will find an option “Download PDF”. By clicking on this option, your form will be easily downloaded.

Essential Tips for Hemkund Sahib Trip:

  • Book in Advance for the Hotel because Hemkund Sahib does not allow you to stay overnight. 

  • Take woollen clothes with you.

  • Take an extra pair of socks.

  • Carry along comfy trekking shoes.

  • Do make sure to take along minimum things. 

  • Carry comfortable rain gear. 

  • Carry a small torch or flashlights. 

  • Carry first aid kit and medicines for vomiting, body ache, headache, allergies and pain-reliever ointments or spray. 

  • Carry dry fruits or other light food for energy during trekking.

  • Take cash with you because in such areas ATMs may not work. 

  • Carry water bottles and avoid other kinds of drinks.

  • Do not dare to take shortcuts. 

  • Start walking for practice a few days before the trip to be able to trek.

  • Consult your doctor first if you are a patient of Asthma.  

  • Try to walk inside the path.

What awaits you in Hemkund Sahib Yatra Tour Packages?

  • The foremost thing is trekking to Hemkund Sahib.

  • Visiting the exceptional and sacred gurdwaras and temples in Haridwar.

  • Accommodation in hotels or Dharamshalas.

  • Delightful Foods.

  • Transportation Facility.

  • Customised Travel Itinerary with an Expert Guide

  • Opportunity to be part of Ganga Aarti at Har ki Pauri

Other Places to Visit that Captures your Heart

  • Valley of Flowers: The most exceptional place to explore flora and fauna where you can find rare species of flowers and endangered animals. The place makes the Western Himalayan Region look more heavenly. 

  • Ghangaria: The steep route to Hemkund Sahib is about 6 km. The village is very famous among tourists. The village is situated at the joining of two rivers called Pushpawati and Bhyundar Ganga. 

  • Hemkund Lake: The one of the most sacred lakes in India which signifies the meaning as Lake of Snow. This sacred lake is situated near Hemkund Sahib. 

  • Laxman Mandir: The place which mentions in autobiographical poems of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Ramayan and Mahabharat, a sacred temple is situated called Laxman Mandir. 

  • Badrinath: Badrinath is considered as one of the most religious places in India. It is considered as one of the Dhams in India. This city is located on the right bank of Alaknanda river. The place is located 21 km from GovindGhat. 

Appropriate Time to Visit Hemkund Sahib

If you are planning for a Hemkund Sahib Trip, then this highly recommends that May to October are the best months to trek to Hemkund Sahib. As during this time, it will be a little bit easier for you to explore there. If you plan your trip after October or before May then you may face problems because at this time the whole surrounding is covered with heavy snowfall. 

Valley of Flowers

The valley of flowers is known as the national park where the heritage of a number of rare flowers and endangered animals are preserved. The national park is situated in the state of North-India. The species of flowers and animals are carefully taken care of here. The best time to visit the Valley of Flowers is July to mid-August, the monsoon time. During this time, the valley covered with the astonishing flowers and made a breadth-taking view.

Last but not the Least…

The Hemkund Sahib Yatra Tour Packages is one of the best tour packages that allows you to explore such an exceptional and religious place. The sacred place not only lets you enjoy its beauty and peace but also lets you relish the surroundings or the nearest places. The world’s highest gurdwara which is situated at the altitude of 4632 metres surrounded by seven peaks capped with snow makes your spiritual trip the finest to remember. All in all, make your Hemkund Sahib Yatra Registration and enjoy your tour this summer with Sikh Tours. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is Hemkund Sahib Famous for?

Ans. The gurdwara is famous for its location. The gurdwara is considered as the world’s highest gurdwara for which pilgrims need to cover a trek of about 20km to go to the gurdwara. 

Q. Is Hemkund Sahib open now?

Ans. Yes, the yatra of Hemkund Sahib is open now as it is officially announced. You can visit there from May to October or otherwise it may close after October due to heavy snowfall. 

Q. Is the Hemkund Sahib Trek difficult?

Ans. Yes. There is no doubt that the trek is difficult to cover because the tourists come to trek there for about 20 km. But, their full determination and faith towards the Waheguru make this trekking journey a little easier.