Embark on a 6 Nights/ 7 Days Adventure of the Golden Triangle Ranthambore Tour

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Embark on a 6 Nights/ 7 Days Adventure of the Golden Triangle Ranthambore Tour
Posted Date: 12/09/2023 Posted By: Sikh Tours

Explore the cities of Incredible India Tours from Delhi, Jaipur to Agra and Ranthambore with 6 Nights/ 7 Days Golden Triangle Ranthambore Tour Package! 

The Golden Triangle Ranthambore Tour is an incredible journey that combines the historical charm of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra with the wild beauty of Ranthambore National Park. Sikh Tours has meticulously planned this trip, allowing you to explore Jaipur's lively streets, enjoy an exciting elephant ride to Amber Fort, and discover many more amazing attractions along the way. So, are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure with Sikh Tours?

You will get the Golden Triangle Ranthambore Tour Package for six nights and seven days. And, Sikh Tours will carefully assist you to ensure your journey is smooth and unforgettable.

Delhi - The Bustling Metropolis

Delhi is a bustling city located in Northern India, holding immense historical, cultural and political significance. The city seamlessly combines ancient heritage with contemporary development, boasting iconic landmarks like the Red Fort, Jama Masjid and India Gate that narrate the tales of its rich past. 

Alongside these historic sites, Delhi is renowned for its bustling markets, diverse culinary scene and also being a melting pot of cultures. From the narrow alleys of Old Delhi to the captivating scenarios of New Delhi, the city offers a dynamic blend of tradition and progress that attracts travellers from around the world. 

Agra - The City of Majestic Marvels

India is known for its incredible history stories embedded in the monuments. The city, Agra is a place with incredible history mainly famous for the skyscraper Taj Mahal, a beautiful white marble building that people come from all over the world to enjoy the amazing architecture, pleasing environment and history of the monument. 

Agra is also famous for its delicious foods like petha (a sweet treat) and tasty kebabs. The city has a mix of cultures and you can also see that in its captivating buildings, arts and festivals. When you visit Agra, you will experience a blend of old stories and new adventures. 

Jaipur - The Pink City 

Jaipur, the Pink City is a special place with lots of colourful history. Its buildings are painted pink, which makes the city look unique and beautiful. One of the special things about Jaipur is its grand palaces and forts, like the Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort. 

When you're in Jaipur, you must try the delicious local foods like dal baati churma and ghewar. The city is known for its vibrant culture, lively festivals and traditional crafts. Exploring Jaipur feels like stepping into a world of rich traditions and exciting stories.

Highlights of the 7 Days Golden Triangle Ranthambore Tour Package 

Here are the main attractions you'll get to enjoy during the 7 Days Golden Triangle Ranthambore Tour Package, listed as given below:

  • Discovering Delhi's Famous Monuments and Tourist Places

  • Guided Tour of Agra Fort's Mughal Splendor

  • Visiting the Magnificent Taj Mahal

  • Exploring the Abandoned Fatehpur Sikri City

  • Exciting Wildlife Safari at Ranthambore National Park

  • Riding an Elephant to Ajmer Fort

  • Sightseeing in Jaipur, the Pink City

Sikh Tours Travel Plan - Exploring the Golden Triangle with Ranthambore

Our traveller guide has meticulously crafted an itinerary, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey for the explorers.

Route: Delhi - Agra - Fatehpur Sikri - Ranthambore National Park - Jaipur 

Day 1 - Arrival in the Delhi City 

Welcome to the wonderful 7 Days Tour Golden Triangle with Ranthambore Tour! 

  • When you arrive in Delhi, our tour guide will be there to welcome you. They will help you find your hotel room and finish the check-in process. 

  • After that, the whole day is yours to relax and have fun. 

  • You can decide if you want to explore the streets around where you're staying or if you'd rather enjoy the nice hotel. 

  • There are lots of enjoyable things to do, like taking a fun rickshaw ride in Old Delhi, trying different kinds of local food or shopping a lot at Asia's biggest Spice Market. 

  • You could also take a heritage walk to learn about the interesting history of the place.

  • During the night, you'll stay in the hotel and rest well for the exciting adventures coming up.

Day 2 - Delhi to Agra (200 Km)

Day two involves travelling from Delhi to Agra, followed by an Agra sightseeing tour upon arrival.

  • This will include visiting the famous Taj Mahal and exploring the vibrant markets known as bazaars. 

  • This stunning white marble building is like a love monument and it's really famous. Inside, you'll see beautiful carvings that will leave you amazed.

  • After exploring the Taj Mahal, you'll visit Agra Fort, an old fort that takes you back in time.

  • After a day full of exploration, you will spend the night at the hotel in Agra.

Day 3 -  Agra to Fatehpur Sikri and Ranthambore 

After having breakfast, pack your things and get ready for a drive to Ranthambore.

  • Along the way, you will stop at Fatehpur Sikri, which is an old city from a long time ago. This city is so special that it is included in a list of important places in the world. 

  • While exploring the city, you will see a tomb and a door called Buland Darwaza which is known as one of the biggest doorways in the whole world. 

  • You will also visit the Tomb of Salim Chishti, Mariam-uz-Zamani's Palace, Panch Mahal and Birbal's Palace. 

  • After visiting this old place, you will head to Ranthambore to enjoy an exciting Golden Triangle tiger adventure. 

  • When you arrive at Ranthambore, you'll check in to your hotel and have the rest of the day to relax. 

Day 4 - Ranthambore National Park (Wildlife Safari)

On Day 5 of your Journey, you will embark on an unforgettable adventure from Ranthambore to Jaipur. 

  • Before heading towards Jaipur, you will explore Ranthambore National Park, a blend of natural wonder and wildlife. 

  • You will set out on a captivating jungle safari and grab the opportunity to witness the park’s tamed tiger population, deer and other wild animals. 

  • After visiting this place, you will head to Jaipur and stay there at a hotel for the night.

Day 5 - Ranthambore to Jaipur (158.4 Km)

After having breakfast, we will start our journey to Jaipur from Ranthambore. 

  • When we reach Jaipur, our tour guide will take you to your hotel. 

  • After you've freshened up and had some relaxation time, we will go to a place called Chokhi Dhani Resort in the evening. 

  • There, you can have fun doing things like riding camels, watching puppet shows, seeing snake charmers and looking at traditional handmade clothes. 

  • You'll also get to enjoy a special dinner with Rajasthani and continental dishes. Then, you'll spend the night at a hotel in Jaipur.

Day 6 - Jaipur

On the sixth day of your Golden Triangle-Ranthambore Tour, you will be exploring Jaipur, which is a part of the trip.

  • First, you'll go to a place called Amber Fort, which is really special. You can even ride on an elephant if you want to (you'll need to arrange this yourself).

  • Then, you'll see some very famous places in the city like Jantar Mantar, which has amazing tools related to space, and Hawa Mahal, known for its unique windows. 

  • You'll also visit Albert Hall, Jal Mahal, and City Palace. These are all wonderful places to see.

  • In Jaipur, you can also check out the special crafts that Rajasthan is famous for.

  • After this exciting day, you'll spend the night at a hotel in Jaipur.

Day 7 - Jaipur - Delhi - HomeTown 

On the final day of your trip, we will travel back to Delhi from Jaipur. Once we reach Delhi, we have some interesting places to visit.

  • First, we'll go to the Lotus Temple, which is shaped like a lotus flower and is very beautiful. 

  • Then, we'll visit a Sikh Temple called Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. 

  • After that, we'll see the India Gate, which is a famous monument and also the President's House.

Later in the day, we'll have dinner. After dinner, we will drive you to the airport so you can catch your flight back to your home town.

Necessary Terms and Conditions for the Travellers 

Here are some important things to know before you book your trip:

  • Room Availability: We prefer booking the travellers depending on whether there are available rooms in the hotels. 

  • Special Days and Rates: The tour package price might not apply during important days like National Holidays, Festivals and Long Weekends.

  • ID Needed for Check-In: When you arrive at the hotel, you need to show a photo ID like a Passport, Driver's License or Voter ID Card. The ID should be the original one.

  • Price Details: The price mentioned is for each person, but it's based on two people travelling together and sharing the same room.

If you want to know the Golden Triangle Ranthambore Tour price you can call Sikh Tours at +91-99100-07940 or you can simply fill out an enquiry form. For inbound tours, you can also email your queries to surjeet@japmeetholidays.com. 

Wrapping Up… 

Sikh Tours is the best tour and travel company in India providing affordable tour packages both within India and abroad. The director, Surjeet Singh Anand helps the travellers by guiding them on an accurate route and arranging trips to countries such as Fiji, Australia, London, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, Mexico, Germany and so forth. The company has provided tour packages including India Tours, Pilgrimage Tour, and Golden Triangle Tours.